I became serious about photography in 2015. A late friend of mine encouraged me to buy a camera. I will always be thankful for her inspiration. I love being outside; the never-ending challenge of trying to capture that 'mood'. You know, the warm summer nights at Buckingham Fountain, the vibrant glow of the city and a sense of tranquility when you have the beach to yourself. My images are all about being outside and telling a story.



I simply love it! The camera has changed my life and opened up my world. As I started to explore my beautiful Chicago, my wanderings had purpose. I wish I had taken up photography earlier in life, but it is never too late to start. I took the plunge in 2015 and purchased a Sony RX100 II, upgraded to a Nikon D3300, and graduated to a Nikon D750. 

I always try to carry my camera with me. I am happy and at peace when I am exploring somewhere new!